ClimateXchange: Launch of global initiative to strengthen local climate reporting, find sustainable models

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13 April 2023 – ClimateXchange is a groundbreaking new global initiative aimed at increasing the impact, reach and sustainability of climate journalism.

ClimateXchange will create new opportunities for collaboration and exchange between local news organisations around the world, enabling them to reach and engage new audiences with climate reporting that is focused on the local impacts and solutions. There will also be a unique focus on supporting creative experimentation to find new sustainability models for local climate journalism, driving new levels of reach and engagement of stories with a climate angle.

ClimateXchange is made possible through a partnership between Syli, a newly established non-profit led by Tom Trewinnard and Fergus Bell, and the IKEA Foundation.

Tom said: “We believe that journalism has the power to inspire action, and that newsrooms of all sizes, in all parts of the world, have a role to play in ensuring the future of our planet. The scale of the transformation that we as an industry need to go through will require unprecedented collaboration and creativity, but there are many thousands of dedicated journalists around the world ready to take on that challenge. We can’t wait to get started.”

Sahba Chauhan, Programme Manager at the IKEA Foundation, says: “Rapid climate change mitigation needs massive public engagement. Therefore, we need to combat misinformation and make climate information more inclusive and relevant for people. And we need to learn how to do that. The IKEA Foundation is very proud to supporting Syli because we believe that effective climate journalism has the power to inspire the many people to take action and build public support for policies to protect our planet.”

ClimateXchange stands on three pillars of complementary activities:

  • contentXchange: A reporting and distribution hub where engaging, high impact journalism on the climate crisis and the just transition can be created or shared for reuse and republication by global news media
  • regionalXchange: A network of regional hubs where climate reporting is commissioned and cross-border and cross-regional collaborations are seeded
  • knowledgeXchange: Where the process of ecosystem change begins and sustainability solutions for newsrooms covering the climate crisis are developed and refined

“The challenges of a rapidly warming planet are bigger than us all – and journalism has to step-up to help bring urgency and solutions. For small and mid-sized newsrooms this can be a challenge. ClimateXchange offers an opportunity to do more impactful journalism through collaborative networks. By scaling up, they can grow audiences, and help draw funding. It is a fresh and much needed initiative, welcomed by WAN-IFRA and the World Editors Forum,” said Cherilyn Ireton, Executive Director, World Editors Forum at World Association of Newspapers

“The climate crisis is global and our response in the media must be global,” says Fara Warner, climate director at Solutions Journalism Network. “The ClimateXchange provides the foundation for any journalist working anywhere in the world to have access to data, reporting and insights that will help them report on the climate through a more systemic solutions-based approach that will help catalyse their communities to take action.” 

To follow the progress of the initiative and to understand in more detail how everything will work, to register your interest as a partner newsroom, or to apply to join the project team visit

About Syli

This will be the first initiative of Syli (pronounced SOO-lee) a UK-based Community Interest Company that will have a specific focus on the climate crisis and will support and advance mission-driven journalism by fostering new, forward-looking concepts and identifying sustainable financial models for journalism.

Founders Fergus Bell and Tom Trewinnard have been at the forefront of industry innovation since 2018. They created the award-winning Pop-Up Newsroom, a series of large-scale journalism collaborations created to counter misinformation around elections and in 2019 launched Fathm, an independent news lab and consultancy that has worked with newsrooms of all sizes on climate journalism, disinformation, digital transformation and the implementation of AI solutions.

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